230112000774 - The proposed minerals exploration for base & rare metals, dimension stones, industrial minerals, precious metals, and semi - precious stones within EPL 8739, Khomas Region

Title of Activity: The proposed minerals exploration activities for base and rare metals, dimension stones, industrial minerals, precious metals, and semi-precious stones on Exclusive Prospective License (EPL) 8739 Khomas Region, Namibia. Nature of Activity: Minerals exploration activities The provision of the listed activities are as follows: MINING AND QUARRYING ACTIVITIES 3.1 The construction of facilities for any process or activities which requires a license, right, or other forms of authorization, and the renewal of a license, right, or any other form of authorization in terms of Minerals (Prospecting and Mining Act), 1992. 3.2 Other forms of mining or extraction of natural resources whether regulated by law or not. 3.3 Resource extraction, manipulation, conservation, and related activities. Scale and Scope of Activity: 1. Exploration activities include a desktop review of existing data as well as all past research. This is conducted in the general area to see if there are any prospective targets. This is done by purchasing high-resolution data from the Government and interpreting it as part of the first stage of exploration. 2. Regional reconnaissance assessment, which includes field-based activities such as regional mapping and sampling in order to identify and validate prospective targeted areas identified during stage 1. This step is only carried out if the step1 has identified some possible targets that need to be explored further. 3. Initial field-based activities such as widely distributed geological mapping, sampling, surveying, and maybe widely spaced trenching and drilling to verify the feasibility of any identified local target based on the regional data acquired in step 2 above. The degree or depth of exploration carried out at this stage is contingent on the discovery of viable/prospective mineral resources. Alternatively, if the specified target(s) proves to be non-variable, the license is revoked. 4. Water required for the project will be brought to site by truck and power will be sourced from a generator.


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