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    Environmental Management Act
    What are Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)?
    When is the Environmental impact assessment to be undertaken?
    Who is allowed to conduct EIA?
    Who bears the cost for EIAs?
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Our Fees

The payment of all fees or other moneys payable under the Act must be effected -
by affixing a revenue stamp to the document or
by affixing a revenue franking machine impression on the document concerned.

N$ 300

Application for environmental clearance certificate

N$ 300

Application for ammendment of environmental clearance certificate

N$ 1000

Application for transfer of environmental clearance certificate.

N$ 1000

Appeal application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below is a list of our most feequently asked questions and answers to these.

What is an environmental clearance?

It is an authorisation to undertake a listed activity. The Environmental Commissioner is mandated by the EMA to issue environmental clearances in Namibia.

How are environmental clearances issued?

The environmental commissioner can issue the environmental clearance upon receipt of an application for environmental clearance in the form of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or for classified small scale projects through receipt of baseline information on the likely environmental impacts of the proposed project.

What are Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)?

  • A process of identifying and assessing the impacts of a planned activity on the environment – physical, social and economic, providing decision makers with an indication of the likely consequences of intended development.
  • EIA enables potentially negative impacts to be mitigated and positive impacts to be maximised early in the design stage, (SAIEA, 2002).

EIA uses?

  • As a decision making instrument to decide upon acceptability of a project based on its environmental costs and,
  • As a planning tool to minimise adverse impacts likely to be caused by a project.

When is the Environmental impact assessment to be undertaken?

EIA is to be undertaken for listed activities.

Who is allowed to conduct EIA?

It is the responsibility of the proponent to appoint the Environmental Assessment Practitioner to manage the assessment process.

Who bears the cost for EIAs?

The proponent has to pay for the costs of conducting environmental assessment..

What are Listed activities?

These are activities that are listed in the Environmental Management Act, No. 7 of 2007 and its regulations. These activities cannot be undertaken without an environmental clearance. Click here for list of activities.

Responsibilities of the proponent:

  • To appoint at own cost, the Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) to manage the Assessment process;
  • To ensure that environmental assessment procedure are followed as outlined in the EMA and its regulations;
  • To Provide the EAP with all relevant information about the proposed project

What is an Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP)?

Qualified private persons who undertakes / conducts EIA. An EAP is a knowledgeable and experienced person in conducting the environmental assessment which also includes the understanding of different legislations including the EMA and its regulations.

Responsibilities of the EAP?

To manage the assessment process.

Interested and Affected Parties (IAP)?

People who are interested or are likely to be affected by the proposed activity in one way or the other..

What is the role of the MET in the environmental assessment process?

EA Administrator: Review and facilitation of EA review. (MET do not conduct EA).


Below is a list of documents for further reading.


The following Act which has been passed by the Parliament and signed by the President in terms of the Namibian Constitution is hereby published in terms of Article 56 of that Constitution.


Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations: Environmental Management Act, 2007.

Guide to the Environmental Management Act (EMA)

This booklet contains a simple summary of the Environmental Management Act. Many people find legal language difficult to understand. This booklet explains what the law says in simple terms. It includes section numbers from the Environmental Management Act so that you can look at the law itself if you need more detail.


Under section 27 of the Environmental Management Act, 2007 (Act No. 7 of 2007), and after following the consultative process referred to in section 44 of that Act, I list in the Annexure to the Schedule, activities that may not be undertaken without an environmental clearance certificate.

Screening Questionaire for Sand Mining

Application for Sand mining by Local Authority, Regional Council, Traditional Authority and Individuals

Application form

Screening Questionnaire for project (Scoping, EIA, EMP, etc, required or not)

Fill in the screening questionnaire to determine if your project requires an assessment or not.

Screening for sand mining


Test teat teat

EIA Regulations

Environmental Assessment Guide

Environmental Assessment Guide

Review Checklist

Review Checklist 



How to apply an Environmental Clearance Certificate Online

How to register to obtain Environmental Clearance Certificate Online

Procedures when applying for Environmental Clearance Certificate

Self Audit Questionaire (Existing projects and Renewal of ECC)

Self Audit Questionaire (Existing projects and Renewal of ECC) 

Draft EMP for Mariculture Projects in Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Luderitz

EMP for Mariculture Projects in Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Luderitz

Public Comments on new Projects

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