THE ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE RENEWAL IS FOR: o Activity 3 - Mining and Quarry Activities 3.3 - Resource extraction, manipulation, conservation and related activities o Activity 9 - Hazardous Substance Treatment, Handling and Storage Activities Activity 9.4 – The storage and handling of dangerous goods, including petrol, diesel, liquid petroleum gas or paraffin, in containers with a combined capacity of more than 30 cubic meters at any one location Activity 9.5 – Construction of filling stations or any other facility for the underground and aboveground storage of dangerous goods, including petrol, diesel, liquid, petroleum, gas or paraffin o Activity 10 - Infrastructure Activity 10.1 (a) - Construction of oil, water, gas and petrochemical and other bulk supply Pipelines 2. DETAILS OF THE ACTIVITY(S) COVERED BY THE ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE: 2.1 Title of the Activity The application for the environmental clearance certificate renewal and transfer for the proposed fuel station development on Erf 1889, Extension 7, Rundu, Kavango East Region. Location of Activity The proposed fuel station development on Erf 1889, Extension 7, Rundu, is situated on the corner of Independence Avenue and Usivi Road about 4 km towards the east of the Rundu town centre and about 2 km south of the Okavango River, within the Kavango East Region (see Appendix A). 2.3 Nature of Activity The activities to be undertaken at Erf 1889, Ext 7, Rundu, will consist of the fuel retail building with ancillary services, two underground fuel storage tanks (23 m3) of unleaded petrol, provision of additional space alongside the tank farm for the installation of additional tanks in future (if required), fuel dispensing islands inclusive of pump island servicing equipment and forecourt furniture. Furthermore, the fuel station will also comprise fuel dispensing island canopy, water/oil separator suitably located for ease of connections, high density Polyethylene (HDPE) fuel delivery pipeline system and tanks fitted with submersible pumps and ancillary equipment (automatic tank gaging etc.). The components of the fuel station will also include a dispensing islands fitted with fuel dispensers for pressure system (comparative benchmarking analysis for “suction” vs. “pressure” system to be completed) and Septic tank or connections to municipal services. The fuel station will have a 24 hour convenience (quick) shop. In terms of Civil and structural design and layout for site, kerb lines, concrete hard standing areas and containment slabs, layer works and appropriate forecourt and surrounding surfacing (where required), road marking, subsurface spill containment drainage system to interceptor and subsurface storm water system. The site is bordered by tarred roads to the north and west and has three existing access points, of which two (northeast and east) enable vehicle access whereas the third access point (southwest) is only suitable for people on foot. The national water utility, NamWater supplies bulk water from the Okavango River to the Rundu Town Council, which provides the water to its customers (i.e. Rundu residents). The electricity system in the town is run by the Northern Regional Electricity Distributor (NORED). There is a variety of business activities within the town. For security, traffic and police officers are presents 24 hours in the town and many of the shops are having their own security guards. Rundu is connected to the rest of the national roads’ network via B8, B10 and C45 main roads. There are tarred and gravel roads within the town. 2.4 Scale and Scope of the Activity During the construction phase, earth works will be carried out in certain areas of the project site in order to install the necessary services infrastructure. This will require soil excavation, possible removal of the existing River Red Gum tree (Eucalyptus Camadulesis) within the construction site footprint and the movement of heavy construction vehicle and equipment. Electricity will be supplied by the northern regional electricity distributor (NORED). Temporary employment opportunities will be created. However, the number of people to be employed during this phase is not yet known. The construction workers are expected to be housed in the town district and not on the site. The following activities will take place, in terms of infrastructure and service provision: • Installation of potable water pipelines; • Installation of wastewater disposal pipelines; and • Installation of electrical cables for power supply. The appointed contractor will construct a temporary boundary wall (most probably using corrugated iron sheets) to minimise air and noise (nuisance impact). The wall will also provide access control to the construction site. Construction waste will be kept on-site during construction, and removed on a regular basis to the Rundu Town Council solid waste management facility. The proposed fuel station development has not yet been implemented to date. Name of current holder of Environmental Clearance Certificate: NORTON LUIS CONSULTANTS CC Date of Issue of current Environmental Clearance Certificate: 19 May 2017 Condition(s) on the Current Environmental Clearance Certificate: NONE Proposed Amendment(s): NAME CHANGE OF CURRENT ECC HOLDER TO NEW LIMIT PROPERTY DEVELOPERS CC Reason for Amendment(s): CHANGE IS STRICTLY BETWEEN THE TWO CC`s OWNED BY THE SAME OWNER Describe the environmental changes arising from the proposed amendment(s): NONE Describe how the environment and the community might be affected by the proposed amendment(s): NONE Describe how and to what extent the environmental performance requirements set out in the assessment report previously approved or activity profile previously submitted for this activity may be affected: NO IMPLICATION OR AFFECT AS THE CHANGE IS ONLY IN OWNERSHIP Describe any additional measures proposed to eliminate, reduce or control any adverse environmental effect arising from the proposed amendment(s): NONE AS THE CHANGE IS ONLY IN OWNERSHIP

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