231020002350 - Proposed subdivision of Erf 1444 & 1445 and Rezoning of resulting Portions from General Residential to Single Residential and the Remainder to “Street” Matutura Ext 7

The Municipality of Swakopmund intends to carry out the following activities. • Subdivision of Erf 1444 and 1445, Matutura Extension 7 into 10 Portions and Remainders on each Erf. • Rezoning of resulting portions of Erf 1444 and 1445 from “General Residential” with Density of 1/250 to “Single Residential” with Density 1:300 • Rezoning of Remainders of 1444 (R/1444) and 1445 (R/1445), from “General Residential” with a Density of 1/250 to “Street” The two Erven (Erf 1444 and 1445) located in Matutura Extension 7 are zoned “General Residential” with density 1/250. The assessment revealed that given the existing services installed on the two erven, it would be more favourable to have Erven 1444 and 1445, Matutura Extension 7 subdivided and rezoned in line with the layout that was used to provide the said service provision existing on the erven. As it would be too costly for Council to remove such services. As a result, thereof, each erf would create 10 new erven and the remainders would be utilized as street portion.


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