APP-002338 - Application for renewal and transfer of Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) from Landmark Minerals Resources (Pty) Ltd (previous Proponent) to Mitten Minerals Exploration (Pty) Ltd (current Proponent) for the EPL No. 5282 with respect to the ongoing

The renewal and transferred Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) is required by Mitten Minerals Exploration (Pty) Ltd (current Proponent) for the EPL No. 5282 with respect to the ongoing minerals exploration / prospecting activities. The EPL holder intends to implement an exploration programme aimed at searching or prospecting for possible economic base and rare metals, dimension stone, industrial minerals, and precious metals groups of minerals within the EPL 5282 area. The exploration activities to be undertaken as assessed in this environmental assessment are as follows: (i) Initial desktop exploration activities; (ii) Regional reconnaissance field-based activities; (iii) Initial local field-based activities; (iv) Detailed local field-based activities including drilling of exploration boreholes; (v) Prefeasibility and feasibility studies to be implemented on a site specific area if the local field-based studies proves positive. The extent of the field-based support and logistical activities will be dependent on the scale of proposed exploration activities to be undertaken. The proposed exploration activities will be supported by existing tracks and campsites / farmstead as well as existing accommodation in the local area as may be applicable. In the absences of existing tracks, the field team will create such new tracks with the permission of the land owner/s and depending on the scale of exploration. In the absences of existing suitable campsite / farmstead, a temporary camp site will be setup at suitable locations in line with the EMP provisions within the EPL area. The size of the exploration camp will be of very limited footprints during the exploration.

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