231013002283 - Renewal of current Environmental Clearance Certificate for Coastal Precast and Paving CC relating to their Mining and Quarrying Operations

The activities in which Coastal Precast and Paving CC engage in at the project site is mining and quarrying activities, all of which are registered under their Non-Exclusive Prospecting License No: 6352. Coastal Precast and Paving CC's mining and quarrying activities are being conducted under the following Mining Claims: Old Mining Claims: 68799, 68800, and 68801; and New Mining Claims: 73147, 73148, 73149, and 73150. Please note that no mining or quarrying activities are being undertaken or conducted under the new mining claims areas. All Coastal Precast and Paving CC's mining claims is situated in close proximity to one another and are situated within the Municipal Boundaries of the town of Walvis Bay, in the Erongo Region.


For further information contact:

Ministry of Environment and Tourism

Department of Environmental Affairs

(+264 -61) 284 2701 (T)

(+264-61) 240 339 (F)