APP-002229 - Mining of tourmalines by Small Scale Miners (SSM) on a game farm: Otjakatjongo, located in Karibib District, Erongo Region

There are four Small-scale Miners (SSM) with eighteen (18) Mining Claims (MCs) on a game farm, Otjakatjongo who are mining tourmaline. Six MCs are pending rewals while 12 MCs are new application. The Ministry of Mines and Energy would like an EIA done into the mining activities conducted by SSM and for a generic EMP to be prepared for such operations. With the EMP, the four SSMs would apply for their respective ECCs from MEFT. There are about 30 people SSMs working on the farm.


For further information contact:

Ministry of Environment and Tourism

Department of Environmental Affairs

(+264 -61) 284 2701 (T)

(+264-61) 240 339 (F)