APP-002223 - Exploration activities on EPL 7435 for nuclear fuel minerals in the Erongo Region, Namibia.

Exploration activities on EPL 7435 for nuclear fuel minerals in the Erongo Region, Namibia. Listed activities triggered by the project include: LISTED ACTIVITY EIA SCREENING FINDING FORESTRY ACTIVITIES (4) The clearance of forest areas, deforestation, aforestation, timber harvesting or any other related activity that requires authorisation in term of the Forest Act, 2001 (Act No. 12 of 2001) or any other law. • Limited vegetation clearing may be required for tracks and survey access creation, and possibly for the setup of the survey teams’ field camps. WATER RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (8.1) The abstraction of ground or surface water for industrial or commercial purposes. • Due to the drilling of exploration boreholes, ground and surface water will need to be abstracted, or sourced. MINING AND QUARRYING ACTIVITIES (3.1) The construction of facilities for any process or activities which requires a licence, right or other form of authorisation, and the renewal of a licence, right or other form of authorisation, in terms of the Minerals (Prospecting and Mining Act), 1992. (3.2) Other forms of mining or extraction of any natural resources whether regulated by law or not. • This listed activity, infers the provisions of the Minerals Act (Prospecting and Mining) Act 33 of 1992, under different licenses as basis upon which certain activities qualify for an EIA. The Minerals Act (1992) defines prospecting/exploration activities under the lawful ownership of an exploration license (EPL). An exploration license excludes any mining activities, but includes activities strictly relating to exploration work. Hence the current project strictly focuses on exploration and not mining 2. Details of the activity(s) covered by the environmental clearance certificate: Title of activity: Exploration activities on EPL 7435 for nuclear fuel minerals in the Erongo Region, Namibia. The EPL borders with the Namib Naukluft Park. The majority of the EPL is not located within the National Park, the far western boarder of the EPL is located just within the park as indicated on the map below. Nature of activity: The proposed project is for the exploration of nuclear fuel minerals. As part of the proposed exploration project, the following activities are envisaged, which shall be further defined as the exploration program is refined: - Investment in exploring the mineral potential of the Erongo Region; and - Exploration activities. Scale and scope of activity: Exploration activities shall take place within the boundaries of EPL 7435. The following activities are likely to take place: - Airborne geophysical surveys (non-invasive); - Potential creation of access tracks, where existing tracks cannot be utilised; - Limited vegetation clearing for the creation of tracks, and survey access; and - Ground exploration activities may include mineral sampling, geological mapping, geophysical surveys, temporary trenching, drilling and drill-core sampling.

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