230307001105 - Environmental Scoping Assessment for Mining claims (Small-Scale Mining Activities on Ming Claims 74141 and 74210 in the Erongo Region

Toivo Hamukwaya is actively exploring for industrial metals and base metals within the Damara Belt in the central and western part of Namibia. Toivo is focused on the discovery, exploration and development of industrial and base metals in the Damara Metallogenic Belt, Namibia. The small-scale mining activities will be conducted concurrently across the two mining claims and are expected to be conducted throughout the above mentioned MCs. Target sites have been identified during the exploration process and will be “refined” or “focussed”, depending the outcome of the mining activities results. The Mining and Quarrying activities are a listed activity in terms of the Environmental Management Act No. 7 of 2007, thus requiring an assessment.

Prpject status APPROVED

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