APP-001104 - Environmental Performance Report And Management Plan For Water Abstraction Boreholes on Farm Finsterbergen WW 205370 (BH1), WW 205368 (BH2), WW 205369 (BH3), WW 205367 (BH4), and WW 205371 (BH5)

Farm Finsterbergen No. 469 (Farm Finisterbegen) managed by Mr. Siegfried Kuhn is located 30 km north-west of Otavi and 40 km south west of Tsumeb, in the Otjozondjupa Region. The farm was previously owned by Finsterbergen Holdings CC as an irrigation farm and it has since 2017 been bought over by Marabu Trading (PTY) Ltd (Marabu Trading) also for the purposes of conducting an irrigation scheme. The Marabu Trading has removed all livestock and has halted irrigation until the renewal of the water abstraction permit has been approved and therefore, over the past three years, no irrigation has been conducted on the farm. Marabu Trading plans to irrigate 150 Hectares (ha) of already disturbed land with seed potatoes/tubers, maize and/or oats. Since the new owners (Marabu Trading) have bought the farm, the current water abstraction permit No. 10179 is inherited and it was allocated to permit abstraction of 100, 000 m3/a. Marabu Trading has recently drilled five (5) new boreholes WW 205370 (BH1), WW 205368 (BH2), WW 205369 (BH3), WW 205367 (BH4), and WW 205371 (BH5) to continue with irrigation activities. The future planned phase 3 scenario of the farm, a total of 150 ha is envisaged for irrigation by the year 2020 where the water demand is due to increase to 843,480 m3/a in the worst-case scenario of no rainfall. The DWAF however has indicated that a ground water assessment study including an application for an Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) will have to be undertaken to substituent the proposed 843,480 m3/a and then a water renewal permit process to amend the current Water permit (No. 10179) can then be undertaken.

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