APP-00772 - Environmental Scoping Assessment for the Proposed Exploration Drilling Activities on Exclusive Prospecting Licence (EPL) 6669 in the Kunene Region

Nangolo Trading Enterprise CC (The Proponent) proposes to undertake exploration drilling activities on Exclusive Prospecting License (EPL) 6669 in the Kunene Region. Under the Environmental Management Act (2007) and its Regulations (2012), an Environmental Assessment (EA) is required for: • 3.1 The construction of facilities for any process or activities which requires a licence, right or other form of authorisation, and the renewal of a licence, right or other form of authorisation, in terms of the Minerals (Prospecting and Mining Act), 1992. • 3.2 Other forms of mining or extraction of any natural resources whether regulated by law or not. • 3.3 Resource extraction, manipulation, conservation and related activities. • 8.1 The abstraction of ground or surface water for industrial or commercial purposes. • 9.1 The manufacturing, storage, handling or processing of a hazardous substance defined in the Hazardous Substances Ordinance, 1974. • 9.2 Any process or activity which requires a permit, licence or other form of authorisation, or the modification of or changes to existing facilities for any process or activity which requires an amendment of an existing permit, licence or authorisation or which requires a new permit, licence or authorisation in terms of a law governing the generation or release of emissions, pollution, effluent or waste.

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