230109000763 - Environmental Scoping and Management Plan for the Proposed Mining Claim (MC 71456) Activities in Respect to Industrial Mineral and Semi Precious Stones on Mining Claim 71456, Erongo Region

Mr. Romario M. Tjiveze (herein referred to as the proponent) is a registered Namibian company, with vested interest and business ventures in the mining sector. Their objective is to undertake exploration activities in order to obtain data on the presence of minerals for further mining development. Tjiveze seek to operate their mining claim activities on MC 71456 within the Erongo Region, in respect to Semi-Precious Stones and Industrial Mineral. Principally, operations entails the exploration (desktop geological study, collection of samples and identification of previous activity in the area where copper mining were conducted) for Mica and Lithium and to mine these on a small-scale basis by use of hand-held equipment and to small degree drilling.


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