221011000060 - The proposed exploration of nuclear fuels on EPL 8795, Erongo Region, Namibia

WASTE MANAGEMENT, TREATMENT, HANDLING AND DISPOSAL ACTIVITIES (2.1) The construction of facilities for waste sites, treatment of waste and disposal of waste (2.3) The import, processing, use and recycling, temporary storage, transit or export of waste Waste generated which will be mainly solid waste and general waste during the exploration phase will be removed by a skip and will be disposed of at the nearest landfill site. • A portable toilet, long drop hole for toilet or chemical toilets will be used during exploration activities MINING AND QUARRYING ACTIVITIES (3.1) The construction of facilities for any process or activities which requires a licence, right or other form of authorisation, and the renewal of a licence, right or other form of authorisation, in terms of the Minerals (Prospecting and Mining Act), 1992 (3.2) Other forms of mining or extraction of any natural resources whether regulated by law or not (3.3) Resource extraction, manipulation, conservation and related activities The proposed project requires an environmental clearance from DEA/MEFT for the extraction of nuclear fuel minerals. • Minerals (soil and sand), and nuclear fuel minerals will be sourced out within the project’s footprint. • The proponent will also undertake geochemical surveys, geophysical surveys, and RC drilling FORESTRY ACTIVITIES (4) The clearance of forest areas, deforestation, aforestation, timber harvesting or any other related activity that requires authorisation in terms of the Forest Act, 2001 (Act No. 12 of 2001) or any other law Limited vegetation clearing may be required for tracks and drilling access creation. WATER RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (8.1) The abstraction of ground or surface water for industrial or commercial purposes. For the drilling of exploration boreholes groundwater may need to be abstracted or water will be sourced. HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE TREATMENT, HANDLING AND STORAGE (9.1) The manufacturing, storage, handling or processing of a hazardous substance is defined in the Hazardous Substances Ordinance, 1974. Portable toilets, long drop hole for toilets or chemical toilets will be used during exploration activities All proposed activities shall take place within the boundaries of EPL 8795 on selected target areas. The following activities are likely to take place: The project involves, the following activities: − Minimal ground clearing for tracks, where existing tracks cannot be used. − Ground and airborne geophysical surveying (eg HLEM surveys to define paleochannels and airborne radiometric surveys) − Geochemical surveys, for sampling of soil or rock for geochemical analysis − Drilling: RAB, RC or diamond drilling to provide samples for density determination, mineralogical study, geochemical and disequilibrium analysis.


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