APP-003840 - Township Establishment, creation of street and installation of bulk services for Kaniita Proper and Kaniita Extension 1, Omuthiya, Oshikoto Region

The environmental clearance certificate is for: Activity 10.1 (a) Infrastructure The construction of oil, water, gas and petrochemical and other bulk supply pipelines; Activity 10.1 (b) Infrastructure The construction of Public roads Activity 10.2 (a) Infrastructure The route determination of roads and design of associated physical infrastructure where it is a public road The Omuthiya Town Council aims to re-design the area (formerly) known as Omuthiya Extension 4 to become known as Kaniita Proper and Kaniita Extension 1. The main purpose of the re-design is to increase the number of residential erven by providing residential properties having areas ranging between 301m² to 320m² as this will enable the Town Council to meet the demand for affordable residential properties at Omuthiya.

Commenting of the public on this project will expire at 12h00 on the 2022-07-01

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