240520003730 - Environmental Clearance Certificate for the Proposed Extraction of Sand and Construction Aggregate from the Seeis River, Farm Seeis No. 134/16 Khomas Region

Theopaldt Properties Two cc (herein referred to as the proponent), is a Namibian registered and owned Closed Corporation that ventures in property development and related business ventures. In recent years, their activity was centered around providing sand and construction aggregate to the nation’s infrastructure industry in particular for road construction. The TPT-2 business model is based on the supply of high quality sand and gravel to the civil construction, roads, mining, and agricultural sectors. Hence, Theopaldt Properties Two cc intends on obtaining an environmental clearance with a particular focus on extracting sand from the Seeis River within Farm Seeis No. 134/16 in an effort to supply construction material for the Hosea Kutako International Airport expansion project.

Commenting of the public on this project will expire at 12h00 on the 2024-06-24

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