1. THE ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE RENEWAL IS FOR: o Activity 1(a) – Energy Generation, Transmission and Storage Activities The construction of facilities for the generation of electricity (solar & diesel power) Activity 1(b) – Energy Generation, Transmission and Storage Activities The construction of facilities for the transmission and supply of electricity (solar & diesel power) o Activity 2.3 – Waste Management, Treatment, Handling and Disposal Activities Temporary storage of waste o Activity 3.3 – Mining and Quarrying Activities Resource manipulation and related activities Activity 5.1(d) – Land Use and Development Activities Use for nature conservation o Activity 9.4 – Hazardous Substance Treatment, Handling & Storage Storage of hazardous substances (diesel) 2. DETAILS OF THE ACTIVITY(S) COVERED BY THE ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE: 2.1 Title of the Activity Marble Processing Plant Location of Activity Erf 1509, Extension 6, Karibib, is located within the Erongo Region. 2.3 Nature of Activity The activity entails the construction of a processing plant for marble and granite, consisting of an industrial cutter machine, industrial microwave resining machine and industrial polishing plant. 2.4 Scale and Scope of the Activity The Erf accommodate existing activities, located to the east of the erf, while the new processing plant is accommodated to the western side of the Erf. Potable Water Demand & Supply: Bulk potable water, estimated at 6m³/month, is supplied via the existing water network from Karibib Municipality, which is used for administrative purposes (i.e. offices, toilets, showers). Raw Water Demand & Supply: Raw water, estimated at 312m³/month, is supplied via the NamWater network from the Swakoppoort Dam, which will be used for the processing plant. An estimated 280m³/month of the 312m³/month is recycled water, which is reused at the processing plant. Electricity Demand & Supply: Electricity is supplied to the factory by means of a diesel (900kW) / solar (350kWp) hybrid plant, while the offices and other facilities is supplied from the grid-tied solar system. Diesel is stored on-site in a 23,000l diesel tank within a bunded area serviced by Total. The solar PV installation is fitted to the roofs of the buildings. Waste Water (Sewage) Supply & Treatment: Waste water originating from the toilets, showers and kitchens is diverted to two on-site conservancy tanks (i.e. 60m³ & 60m³). The conservancy tank is pumped on demand by the Karibib Municipality and waste is dumped at the wastewater treatment plant of the Karibib Municipality. Waste Water (Process Water) Supply & Treatment: Waste water originating from the cutting and polishing processes enters an on-site recycling treatment plant where 90% of the water is cleaned for reuse in the same process. Process Waste (off-cuts) Supply & Treatment): Granite and marble off-cuts which are generated during the cutting process, are stored on-site and moved to Namagra`s mining site (ML142), where the off-cuts are stored for future rehabilitation purposes of the mining area. General Waste (off-cuts) Supply & Treatment: Waste generated at the offices and workshops is collected on-site and removed by the Karibib Municipality on a weekly basis and dumped at the municipal dump site. Access & Roads: Accesses to Erf 1509, Extension 6, Karibib is obtained from the existing eastern entrance (C32 / M0077), as well as from the south, off the future access road (D1953).

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