APP-003392 - The Renewal of the Environmental Clearance Certificate for the mining activities of base and rare metals, dimension stone, industrial minerals, semi-precious stones on the 10 mining claims (69236 -69245) situated at Farm Onguati No. 53 within the Karibib

The proponent, Mr. Hendrik Dawids intends to process the existing stockpile from the previous mining activities and to continue mining base and rare metals, dimension stones, industrial minerals, and precious metals from the block comprising 10 mining claims; 69236 – 69245, situated at Farm Onguati No. 53, on the mining claims covering a total area of approximately 140 hectares in the backdrop of the Erongo Mountains and therefore an Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) is needed to continue undertaking this listed activity in a sustainable manner.

Commenting of the public on this project will expire at 12h00 on the 2022-01-25

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