240206002784 - Environmental Impact Assessment for Mineral Exploration Activities on EPL 8897, Kunene Region

The applicant intends to explore the project area through non-invasive and invasive methods to determine if viable mineral deposits exist. It is foreseen that the exploration will include field mapping, surveying, literature review (non-invasive), drilling (invasive), trenching (invasive), Sampling, Analysis, Geological Modelling and Resource Estimation (non-invasive) over a period of an initial period of 3 years. The invasive activities would comprise digging of trenches and drilling of surface boreholes spaced from each other. Exploration drilling will only be undertaken if trenching and bulk sample results prove to be prospective. Core drilling, reverse circulation/percussion drilling is being considered. The Environmental Regulations procedure (GN 30 of 2012) stipulates that no mineral exploration and mining activities may be undertaken without an environmental clearance certificate. The proposed prospecting activities are listed in the Environmental Management Act, 2007, (Act No. 7 of 2007) and the EIA Regulations 30 of 2012 and cannot be undertaken without an Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC). In fulfilment of these environmental requirements, an Environmental Scoping and Assessment Report (ESAR) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) will be submitted to the Ministry of Mines Energy (MME) and Ministry of Environment Forestry and Tourism in support of the application for an Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC).

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