240122002695 - ECC Renewal Application for Right-Path Investments' Waste Car Battery Recycling Plant

Right-Path Investments (Pty) Ltd intends on obtaining an extension to their Environmental Clearance Certificate for their car waste battery recycling facility measuring approximately 720 m2, constructed in 2019. However, the operational activities of the factory could not be carried out, due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019, which affected business activities on a global scale for a number of years. Despite the setback, the company has been able to revive its economical situation over the years and therefore plan to initiate the operational activities in 2024, as per the approved January 2021 ECC. Considering that the ECC will expire on 29 January 2024, Right-Path therefore wishes to apply for a renewal, hence this ECC Renewal letter to the Environmental Commissioner.

Commenting of the public on this project will expire at 12h00 on the 2024-06-24

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