APP-002592 - Environmental Scoping Assessment for the Rezoning and Consolidation of Erven 580 and Erf 581, Lüderitz Extension 4 for the proposed construction and operation of a bird sanctuary in Lüderitz

As part of their conservation and environmental rehabilitation programme, NAMDEB proposes to develop a Bird Sanctuary on the proposed “Consolidated Erf X” Lüderitz Extension 4. The proposed development aims to work towards conserving and protecting Namibia's sea birds, especially threatened species, for the benefit of present and future generations by means of a rehabilitation center/ hospital for wounded sea birds. The subject erven are zoned for Residential purposes. They currently accommodate houses which are owned by Namdeb. These houses are to be demolished to allow for the construction of the proposed facility. Due to the amount of space required by such a facility it is deemed necessary not only to rezone, but also to consolidate the two erven for the creation of the Bird sanctuary. The proponent thus intends to develop a Bird Sanctuary on Erven 580 and 581 Lüderitz Extension 4 by rezoning the subject erven from “Residential 1” to “Special” and consolidating them to form “Consolidated Erf X”. It is recommended that this project be authorised because should the development not proceed the socio-economic benefits among others that could result from the project would not be realized. None of the positive or negative impacts from the proposed development would be realized. The significance of negative impacts can be reduced with effective and appropriate mitigation provided in this report and the EMP. If authorised, the implementation of an EMP should be included as a condition of approval. As a result, we are of the opinion that there is no need for a full Environmental Impact Assessment study to be conducted for the reason that the significant effects associated with the proposed developments are minimal.

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