231204002539 - The operation of the existing Toshari Lodge on portion 1 of Farm Afguns 447, Kunene Region, Namibia

1. The environmental clearance certificate is for The application is for the tourism-related activities at the existing and operational Toshari Lodge on portion 1 of Farm Afguns 447 near the Andersson Gate of Etosha National Park in the Kunene Region, Namibia. For this project ECC proposes to only develop a comprehensive environmental management plan (EMP) for the following reasons: Toshari initially opened for tourism around 2000, predating the promulgation of the Environmental Management Act (EMA), No.7 of 2007. Secondly, small lodges like Toshari Lodge by nature have limited environmental footprints and low potential for significant adverse impacts on their surroundings. Thus, subjecting them to a full-blown Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) could be excessively resource intensive. Listed activities triggered by the project include: LISTED ACTIVITY EIA SCREENING FINDING ENERGY GENERATION, TRANSMISSION AND STORAGE ACTIVITIES (1.a) The construction of facilities for the generation of electricity; - A 129 kWp solar plant with a battery room (with 577 kWh storage capacity) has been constructed and is used to produce electricity for the lodge. WASTE MANAGEMENT, TREATMENT, HANDLING AND DISPOSAL ACTIVITIES (2.3) The import, processing, use and recycling, temporary storage, transit or export of waste. - Food waste is removed from the site by a contractor and general waste is disposed of by the Lodge at the municipal landfill site in Outjo. TOURISM DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES (6.) The construction of resorts, lodges, hotels or other tourism and hospitality facilities. - The following infrastructure has been constructed on site: Guest rooms (x38), guide rooms (x5) main building with a dining area, bar, offices, curio shop, kitchen, laundry, and storage rooms. swimming pools (x3), managers houses (x2), staff accommodation blocks (x3), conference rooms WATER RESOURCE DEVELOPMENTS (8.1) The abstraction of ground or surface water for industrial or commercial purposes. - Water is sourced from two existing boreholes with a demand of approximately 20m3 per day. - There are 5 x 5000 L plastic tanks that are used on-site to store water. HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE TREATMENT, HANDLING AND STORAGE (9.1) The manufacturing, storage, handling or processing of a hazardous substance defined in the Hazardous Substances Ordinance, 1974. (9.2) Any process or activity which requires a permit, licence or other form of authorisation, or the modification of or changes to existing facilities for any process or activity which requires an amendment of an existing permit, licence or authorisation or which requires a new permit, licence or authorisation in terms of a law governing the generation or release of emissions, pollution, effluent or waste. - Two 2000-litre diesel tanks are installed on-site and used to support daily lodge activities (i.e., vehicles). - A 2-stage septic tank with a french drain system has been installed on-site to service the lodge during the operational phase. LAND USE AND DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES 5.3) Construction of veterinary protected area or game proof and international boundary fences. - A fence has been constructed around the lodge for security purposes. OTHER ACTIVITIES (11.2) Construction of cemeteries, camping, leisure and recreation sites. - The lodge does include leisure and recreation activities and 3 private camping sites have been constructed on site.   2. Details of the activity(s) covered by the environmental clearance certificate: Title of Activity: The operation of the existing Toshari Lodge on portion 1 of Farm Afguns 447, Kunene Region, Namibia Nature of Activity: The operation of an existing tourism lodge Scale and Scope of Activity: All infrastructure falls within the boundaries of portion 1 of Farm Afguns 447, which is 48.998 ha in size. The following infrastructure is currently on site:  Guest rooms (x38),  Guide rooms (x5)  Main building with dining area, bar, offices, curio shop, kitchen, laundry and storage rooms.  Swimming pools (x3),  Managers houses (x2),  Staff accommodation blocks (x3)  Conference rooms  3 x private camping sites, and  Water reservoir.


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