231115002478 - Environmental Clearance Certificate for the Operation of the Existing Consumer Installations at BON Okapuka Crushers in Windhoek, Khomas Region

Bon Okapuka Crushers CC operates an existing sand, stone and aggregate mine along a section of the Döbra River, north of Windhoek. It reduces large rocks into smaller rocks and produce aggregates, gravels and sand. The company purchases and stores diesel and petrol on site for fueling their vehicles and machinery. Diesel is sourced from Engen Namibia (Pty) Ltd. ENGEN Namibia (Pty) Ltd is a leading marketer of liquid fuels and lubricants in the country and aims to ensure that all their clients and facilities are compliant with the relevant environmental and industry legislation. It is against this background that Engen has appointed Environam Consultants Trading (ETC) to apply for an Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) for this site on their behalf. The existing Engen installations have a valid Petroleum Consumer License approved by the Ministry of Mines and Energy. The site operations and installations are in accordance with Engen Namibia (Pty) Ltd policies and regulations. Diesel is stored in a 23 000L capacity above ground tank, while petrol is stored in a 4500l underground tank located at the Windhoek Brick Works premises.


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Ministry of Environment and Tourism

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