APP-002184 - Mining of tourmalines by Small Scale Miners (SSM) on game farm: Omapyu Sud in the magistrail district of Omaruru, Erongo Region

There are about 38 Mining Claims (MCs) pegged by a total of 11 individual Namibians (or Small Scale Miners) on the farm Omapyu Sud, situated in the Omaruru district in the Region of Erongo. Out of the 38 MCs, 4 MC are active, 8 MCs are pending renewals and 26 MCs are new applications. MME would like an Environmental Scoping Assessment done into the mining activities of SSM, and for a generic Environmental Management Plan (EMP) to be developed to safeguard the mining activities of SSM on the said game farm. Each of the 11 MC holders will then be required to submit such EMP when applying for ECC from MEFT for their respective Mining Claims.


For further information contact:

Ministry of Environment and Tourism

Department of Environmental Affairs

(+264 -61) 284 2701 (T)

(+264-61) 240 339 (F)