APP-001642 - Proposed Exploration / Prospecting Activities in the Exclusive Prospecting License (EPL) No. 3963, Okahandja/ Gobabis Districts, OTJOZONDJUPA/ OMAHEKE REGIONS NORTH CENTRAL NAMIBIA

The ECC is required for the proposed minerals exploration activities in the EPL 3963 covering the following activities: (i) Initial desktop exploration activities (review of existing information and all previous activities in order identify any potential target/s in the EPL Area). (ii) Regional reconnaissance field-based activities such as reginal mapping, aerial survey and existing data analysis and sampling to identify and verify potential targeted areas based on the recommendations of the desktop work undertaken under (i) above. (iii) Initial local field-based activities such as widely spaced geological mapping, sampling, surveying and possible trenching and drilling in order to determine the viability of any delineated local target, and. (iv) Detailed local field-based activities such very detailed geological mapping, trenching, bulk sampling, surveying and detailed drilling in order to determine the feasibility of any delineated local targets and conduct test mining activities. If the above exploration activities lead to positive results, the exploration data collected will then be put together into a prefeasibility report and if the prefeasibility result proves positive then a detailed feasibility study supported by detailed site-specific drilling, bulk sampling, laboratory tests and conduct test mining activities on the discovered mineralised locality will be undertaken. A positive feasibility study will be required to support the application for a Mining License (ML) together with a new site-specific Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) with specialist studies such as flora, fauna, socioeconomic, water, traffic, dust and noise modelling and archelogy being undertaken in order to support the application for the new ECC for mining and minerals process.

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