APP-001564 - Environmental Impact Assessment for Zambezi Regional Council’s proposed Up-earthing of the Embankment on the Nankuntwe Combined School Platform.

Zambezi Regional Council intends on obtaining an Environmental Clearance Certificate for their for upearthing the embankment of the Nankuntwe Combined School Platform. The aim is to raise the platform of the school in order to increase the carrying capacity and prevent damage and disruptions of classrooms due to the flooding. Furthermore, the project is designed to up-earth the embankment of the school ground of Nankuntwe Combined School to allow learners and their parents to relocate to such a higher ground during flood times as a permanent solution to the flooding problem. The following listed activities are relevant to the upearthing of the Nankuntwe School Platform: 8. Water Resource Development 8.4 Construction of canals and channels including the diversion of the normal flow of water in a riverbed and water transfer schemes between water catchments and impoundments. 8.8 Construction and other activities in water courses within flood lines. 8.9 Construction and other activities within a catchment area. 8.10 Reclamation of land from below or above the highwater mark of the sea or associated inland waters. 8.11 Alteration of natural wetland systems.

Commenting of the public on this project will expire at 12h00 on the 2020-12-03

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