1. THE ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE IS FOR: o Activity 1(a) – Energy Generation, Transmission and Storage Activities The construction of facilities for the generation of electricity (solar Power) o Activity 1(b) - Energy Generation, Transmission and Storage Activities The construction of facilities for the transmission and supply of electricity (solar Power) o Activity 5.1(c) – Land Use and Development Activities Agricultural use to industrial use 2. DETAILS OF THE ACTIVITY(S) COVERED BY THE ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE: 2.1. TITLE OF ACTIVITY Rosh Pinah Solar Park 2.2. LOCATION OF ACTIVITY Rosh Pinah Zinc Mine is located in south-western Namibia, in the //Karas Region, 800 km south of Windhoek and 20 km north of the Orange River. It is at the edge of the Namib Desert between Diamond Area No.1 and the farms Namuskluft 88 and Spitskop. The geographic co-ordinates of the mine, based on the location of the main gate, is 27° 57' 19.86" Sand 16° 45' 51.25" E. The proposed Rosh Pinah Solar Park project site is envisaged on private land, farm Namuskluft 88, 2 km east of Rosh Pinah and 1,5 km east of the mentioned mine. The 80 ha set aside for this project is located on a portion along the south-western border of the farm. 2.3 NATURE OF ACTIVITY The proposed activity entails development, construction and operation of a photovoltaic solar power plant with a maximum export capacity of 5.4 MW near Rosh Pinah. The aim of the project is to supply renewable electricity to the nearby Rosh Pinah Zinc Mine. The Rosh Pinah Zink Mine, an underground zinc-lead mine and milling operation, has been operating since 1969. It is currently fed from the Obib Substation, which consists of two 400/66kV, 160MVA Power transformers, via a 24.5km overhead line to the Aurus Power Station, with a Nominal Maximum Demand (NMD) of 8MVA. The load of the mine is set to increase over the next two years. In order to reduce its cost of supply, diversify supply options and investigating more environmental friendly options, Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation (Pty) Ltd engaged with Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) through a tendering process for the delivery of energy to the mine from renewable energy resources. This process will be concluded with the execution of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation (Pty) Ltd. and Rosh Pinah Solar Park (Pty). The electricity will be conveyed along a 3,4 km 66kV overhead powerline to the mine’s existing substation. This development is in line with the latest trend to make use of renewable energy rather than fossil fuels to reduce the impact on global Climate Change. 2.4 SCALE AND SCOPE OF THE ACTIVITY It is envisaged that the activities involved in the development of the Rosh Pinah Solar Park will include, but may not be limited to the following: (a) Entering into an exclusive Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation for a duration of 15 years; (b) Obtaining all necessary licenses and permits required to construct, operate and maintain a power plant for the duration of the PPA; (c) Concluding long-term Land Lease Agreement with the owner of the agricultural land of which Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation (Pty) Ltd holds an Exclusive Prospecting Licence (EPL); (d) Design, engineering, procurement, transportation to site, erection, construction, installation, quality assurance, testing (on and off-site), commissioning and acceptance testing of the Project for all auxiliary and ancillary plant, services, and works and rehabilitation of associated sites; (e) Design and construction of all infrastructure required for the connection of the Solar PV Plant to Rosh Pinah Zink Corporation’s Substation; (f) Full and complete operation and maintenance of the Project from Commercial Operation Date until the end of plant design life. (g) Rehabilitation of the site after plant design life. The electricity will initially be sold exclusively under the PPA to Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation (Pty) Ltd. The solar park is planned to be constructed and developed in phases of 15 ha, 35 ha and eventually 80 ha for the housing of solar panels. The proposed project surface will not be cleared entirely as with other solar farms, because of the dwarf shrub land that exists on site. Holes will be dug or drilled only to plant the steel poles that will hold the solar panels. A building for operations and maintenance will be erected which will consist of a storeroom, office and ablution with sewage system. Water from an existing NamWater pipeline can be used. The project area will be surrounded by a 2 m wire fence that is electrocuted. A lightning protection system will also have to be installed.


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