APP-001378 - Construction of //Aiha Service Station on Erf 5, Tsumkwe Settlement, Otjozondjupa Region

The applicant, Gaoxa Trading cc is scheduling to set up a service station on Erf 5, alongside C44 main road, West of Tsumkwe Settlement, Otjozondjupa Region. The proposed service station is to be named //AIHA Service Station. //Aiha is derived from a San language meaning “Chief” in Ju/’hoansi dialect, a symbol of forte in many African tribes. The construction of a service station is a listed activity, that requires an authorization and an environmental clearance certificate should be issued before construction begins. It is against this background that Mr. Julius Antonius was appointed and contracted by Gaoxa Trading cc to conduct the EIA study as required under the Environmental Management Act (2007).


For further information contact:

Ministry of Environment and Tourism

Department of Environmental Affairs

(+264 -61) 284 2701 (T)

(+264-61) 240 339 (F)